Student Life

Student Life

A place to belong.

St. George’s is more than just a school. It’s a place to find friends, and to participate in a vibrant community.

On over 40 acres of land, there’s plenty of activities on campus. From school-wide pep rallies to clubs and organizations, to division level socials and events, St. George’s is always full of activity.


House System

The purpose of the St. George’s House System is to foster a sense of community between grade levels and across divisions.The House system fosters relationships, teamwork, and leadership development, and teams work through four competitions each year. The last competition of the year is the annual Field Day, where students play games on our campus such as kickball, flag football, hockey on the gym floor, relay races, among many other fun activities.

Clubs & Organizations

There are many opportunities to join a club or organization at St. George’s.  Beginning in Middle School, students can elect to run for student-elected positions of leadership, and students meet certain academic criteria for other clubs. And some clubs are just open for anyone to join! The choices are endless.