Music Classes




Music at St. George’s is a completely interactive experience from PreK-3 all the way up to High School studies. Students as young as Early Childhood children are encouraged to find their voice, both on and off stage. Students explore all aspects of music including: singing, movement, instrumentation, history, and theory.

Early Childhood Holistic Approach

Classes are built from the Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodaly pedogogies in Early Childhood Education, incorporate music theory and notation, as well as begin to use musical instruments.


  • Orff
  • Harmonica
  • Bucket Drums
  • Bongo
  • Voice/Chorus
  • Chimes
  • Guitar
  • Ukelele

Middle School

Middle School students take a survey in Western Music history and Music Appreciation. Students are exposed to music from 400AD to present day, and compare traditional classical genres to today’s popular music. Students are presented examples from composers such as Bach and Haydn, to Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney. Middle School students participate in choral studies as well.