Third Grade

Third Grade


In Third Grade, students work on building upon the foundational skills in critical thinking and problem solving, and further develop their reading, writing, and mathematics abilities. 

Curriculum Overview

Language Arts

Students in the third grade are exposed to both fiction and non-fiction genres of writing and literature. One class novel is read per quarter. These novels are tied in closely with our studies of science and social studies. Third graders also use the Accelerated Reader Program in which they work toward their individual reading goals while reading at their own pace and ability. Students in third grade learn the skills needed to write paragraphs in many genres such as informative, descriptive, persuasive, narrative, and biography. Students learn to edit their own work, as well as others, as a way to practice using proper grammar, punctuation, and standard spelling. Third grade grammar includes prepositions, writing friendly letters, capitalization, punctuation, types of sentences, subject and predicate, verbs, nouns, adjectives, conjunctions, interjections, adverbs, pronouns, and writing sentences. Students work on book reports, class presentations, and technology projects using the skills they learn in language arts.


Math in third grade facilitates student understanding and application of knowledge to the following skill sets: place value to the hundred thousand place, three-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, multiplication and division facts (0’s through 12’s), multiplication of 3-digit number by 1-digit number, geometry, statistics and probability, measurement, fractions, and decimals. Course work is driven by Everyday Mathematics curriculum, which involves whole-group instruction, small-group instruction, and math games. Students will also use a spiraling review every day to keep a constant check on skills previously taught.


Third grade science is an enrichment of hands-on activities in which students explore topics in earth, life, and physical science. Topics include states of matter, materials of the earth, plant and animal life cycles, etc. Activities include experiments, labs, and outdoor experiences.

Social Studies

Third grade social studies curriculum focuses on government, Native Americans, Georgia history and national geography. Students use music and movement to enrich their understanding of national geography. Our class trip to Rock Eagle enhances our studies of Native Americans and Georgia history.

Beyond the Classroom

Students in Third Grade learn different perspectives by going outside the classroom for field trips. These have included:

  • Rock Eagle 4-H Overnight Camp
  • Georgia State Capitol
  • World of Coke
  • Fernbank Science Center