Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade


Fourth grade is a wonderful time to broaden math skills, to expand critical thinking and reasoning concepts, investigate new ideas in science, and to continue developing writing mechanics and literature interpretation. Fourth grade is involved hands-on in all core subjects, and participates in chapel, PE, art, music, Spanish, and technology.

Curriculum Overview

Language Arts

The fourth grade language arts are divided in several subsets of subject matter: grammar, spelling, vocabulary development, reading comprehension skills, writing, and literature appreciation in all genres.  Students will participate in small guided reading groups while learning comprehension skills and strategies.  Literature circles, in which the students discuss their reading experiences, are another form of reading instruction utilizing class novels and independent reading. They also practice the important skills of listening to and accepting others’ interpretations of literature.  A goal of fourth grade language arts is to apply all knowledge in this area to other subjects as they read, write, and discover through language.  Some of the fourth grade literature selections include A Christmas CarolCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryThe Mouse and the Motorcycle, and My Side of the Mountain.


Fourth grade Everyday Mathematics provides students with a hands-on, multifaceted, and engaging opportunity to immerse themselves in math. Students connect math to the world outside of the classroom by engaging in meaningful and relatable problem solving scenarios and activities. 
Students in fourth grade focus on content areas including:
-understanding and fluency with multi-digit multiplication
-understanding of dividing to find quotients involving multi-digit dividends
-understanding of fraction equivalence
-addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators
-multiplication of fractions by whole numbers
-understanding that geometric figures can be classified based on their properties


Fourth grade science provides students with hands-on learning experiences that allows them to relate what they learn in the classroom to their daily lives. Topics covered in fourth grade science are: the water cycle, clouds, severe weather, earth and space, light and sound, ecosystems, marine biology, and the human body. Students participate in “The Human Body Olympics” at the end of the school year as one way to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the human body. Games demonstrate the different functions of each system of the body.

Social Studies

Fourth grade social studies takes students on a journey around the world. Geography and culture of the seven continents are explored.  Students apply map skills, use an atlas, and identify landforms as they collect information to keep in their “passport”.  At the end of the school year, students participate in a “Tastes of the World” while creating dishes from various countries.


Fourth grade technology labs provide a time for students to perform and create using the technological skills they have learned through Microsoft programs along with other web-based media.  Integrating technology into every curriculum area allows students to apply their knowledge and produce meaningful documents and presentations.

Beyond the Classroom

Students take learning outside in 4th and 5th grade. On a beautiful day, they may have class outside on the grass, or they may take field trips to further study a topic. These have included:

  • Alliance Theater
  • Rock Ranch
  • Swimming with the mantees
  • Space Camp